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Adoption Services

Adoption is the legal process though which an adult formally becomes the legal parent to a child not born to that parent.   We’ve handled hundreds of successful adoptions and want to know how we can help you accomplish your goals.

For families wishing to adopt, The Law Office of Dion Roddy will advise clients on their legal rights and responsibilities and will provide an overview of the entire process, including the home study requirements, temporary placement, formal placement, and finalization.  The firm can recommend options to locate birth families, as well as help families avoid common pitfalls. Our experience will help you take all necessary precautions when looking for a birth family. 

Dion Roddy works with clients at all stages of the process from initial consultations, reviewing legal issues, filing and finalizations and in interstate cases, ICPC compliance.  We are ready to help you at any stage of the process based on your needs.

We also work with expectant parents in the adoption process, from an initial consultation through the entire adoption plan. We provide guidance on how to locate adoptive parents and ensure birth parent rights are safeguarded. We strive to provide birthparents with essential support and guidance as they go through this complex process.

Michigan law allows for many different types of adoptions. The most common adoptions are: